Thakur Dev (Vishnu) rétrouve la terre
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Nankusia Shyam, née en 1971
Format : 124x95 / Tarif : 1650 Euros

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Thakur Dev (Vishnu) rétrouve la terre

Artiste : Nankusia Shyam, née en 1971
Description : Bhagavan (Thakur Dev chez les Gond) makes a crow and sends it to find earth. It falls on the back of Kakramal Kshattri the great crab, who takes it to the bottom of the ocean to force earth from Gichna Raja who has swallowed it. They force it to vomit and it brings up twenty‐one little balls of different kinds of earth. The crow takes these back to Bhagavan. Then Bhagavan undoes the earth from the crow's neck and puts it in his lap. Then he calls a young virgin. She makes a pot out of leaves, and puts the earth in it, and she churns It. For eight days and nine nights she churns till all is ready. Then Bhagavan rolls the earth out like a great thin chapati, and spreads it on the face of the waters. There it begins to grow till it has covered all the waters. .................. Baiga legend.VERRIER ELWIN
Format : 124x95
Tarif : 1650 Euros
Année : 2017
Matière / Technique : acrylique sur toile
Thème : Gond